Crystal Edition Magic Cleaner B07NRW42QN

Crystal Edition Magic Cleaner B07NRW42QN
Crystal Edition Magic Cleaner B07NRW42QN
Codice Prodotto: B07NRW42QN
Disponibilità: In Magazzino
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  • Soft gel-like material that easily penetrates into the uneven seams to remove dust, hair and debris.

  • Experiments have proven effective in reducing bacteria and maintaining the quality and health of home life.

  • Product cleaning results from the adhesion of the product itself without the need to use water or other cleaning products to clean, can be reused.

  • The environmentally friendly formula can be naturally decomposed and is harmless to the human body.

  • Suitable for the cleaning of various items.

  • Features:
    Soft gel-like material that easily penetrates into the uneven seams to remove dust, hair and debris.
    Experiments have proven effective in reducing bacteria and maintaining the quality and health of home life.
    Product cleaning results from the adhesion of the product itself without the need to use water or other cleaning products to clean, can be reused.
    The environmentally friendly formula can be naturally decomposed and is harmless to the human body.
    Suitable for the cleaning of various items.

    size: 11.7*17.5cm
    material: Soft glue

    Product List:
    1 x cleaner Soft glue 

    Crystal Edition Magic Cleaner B07NRW42QN

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